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  In the sound of firecrackers, we ushered in China's largest festival -- Spring Festival, every family happy, hung red lanterns, paste red couplets, busy......

  The streets are full of people, people who work hard for a year have come out of the house to enjoy the holiday leisure, and the faces of men and women are full of cheerful smiles.

  The happiest thing for me to do during the new year is to paste couplets! "Numerous households pupil pupil the new peach for old symbol" special mother told me, let me find a few of couplets, sticking in my house. Then, I found two of them, I read aloud: "Hi home treasure house as thousands of door Wonfu everything" there is a saying: "the spring spring spring is gratifying music from" mom said couplets are auspicious words, people pray in the new year to live fast happy happy day

  Some friends and family have a joyous gathering, taste the delicious food and wine, talked some happy talk. The most happy is that we can save a lot a lot to get gift money, then full of joy ran to the street to buy a lot of fun things, as long as our sweet little mouth, say some blessing words, it can make a lot of money!

  People play until late at night, eating delicious fruits in their mouths, setting off firecrackers and fireworks in their hands...... Indifferent to have fun!

  The Spring Festival is the most beautiful day for the Chinese people.


 随州癫痫病医院哪里的好 大街小巷人流如潮,辛勤劳动一年的人们,纷纷走出家门,享受节日的闲暇,男女老少脸上都洋溢着欢快的笑容。

  过新年我最高兴做的事就是贴 “春联”呢!“千门万户瞳瞳日总把新桃换旧符”妈妈特别吩咐我,让我去找几对春联,贴在我家门上。于是,我找到了两对春联,我大声读道:“喜居宝地千门旺 福照家门万事兴”还有一幅上面写着:“春风春光春意正 人喜人乐人自高”妈妈说春联都是吉祥话,是人们祈求在新得一年里能过上快乐幸福的日子

  一些亲朋好友欢聚一堂,品尝着美酒佳肴,谈着一些开心的话儿。而最高兴的则是我们,可以大把大把地攒取压岁钱,然后就欢天喜地跑到街上去买很多好玩的东西, 我们只要嘴巴甜一点,多说些祝福的话儿,那可就大赚一笔了!



  There are many traditional festivals in our country, each festival has many customs, and I think the most exciting is the spring festival.

  Every year on New Year's Eve, every family should attach a happy couplet on the door; hang a big red lantern; put colorful fireworks; eat reunion reunion dinner......

  I like fireworks best. There are many kinds of fireworks, rockets, have played in the hand, put in the water fried...... The fireworks start the fireworks into the sky, resplendent with variegated coloration, red Sihuo, white like snow, powder like xia. They make the deep night sky more charming. The fireworks like some blooming peony in different poses and with different expressions, like; some like peach blossom in full bloom: some like a rose in early puberty...... As they looked at the beautiful night sky, they were happy to say, "look! What a beautiful variety of fireworks!" Some children also cheered: "the new year."! New year!" Some people can't help but dance!

  Do you know why firecrackers are set for the new year? The legend of "year" is a m郑州癫痫病诊疗医院onster, it is every new year's Eve will hurt people's lives, people found that it fears, afraid of red, light and sound. People scare away "years" with the light, sound and color of firecrackers".

  I love this lively Spring Festival. What about you?



  我最喜欢放烟花。烟火的种类繁多,有冲天炮,有拿在手上打的,有放在水里炸的……开始放烟火了,五光十色的烟火直冲云天,红的似火,白的似雪,粉的似霞。它们把深邃的夜空装点得更加迷人。烟火的样子千姿百态,有的像怒放的牡丹;有的似盛开的桃花:有的如同一个个含苞待放的月季……他们一边看这美丽的夜空,一边高兴地说:“瞧!这各式各样的烟火多美啊!” 有的小朋友还欢呼道:“过年了!过年了!”有的人情不自禁地跳起了舞!



  The Spring Festival, every family decorated, the whole city China high streets and back lanes huge crowds of people, bustling.

  I was this new year, we bought antithetical couplet, tidy up the room, the room andbeautiful, then go home to celebrate the new year by mrs..

  A woman into the house, he heard the "beep beep beep Baba" sound, the original is the younger brother already wait Qiqi firecrackers.

  I hastened to call dad also bought a box of firecrackers, I put a few firecrackers on the ground, lit the fuse, immediately covered his ears, ran into the home quickly. "Baba" sound, firecrackers exploded. I lit a firecracker, threw him into the river, and the water exploded in the water.

  It's time to eat. The table is full. Fish, shrimp and chicken a河北看癫痫病靠谱的医院re all my favorites. We ate, chatted, laughing, said the blessing, very lively.

  After dinner, I went to the fireworks again, and I lit the fuse, and the fireworks were ejected from the pipe, and a beautiful flower exploded in the air. It was really beautiful. It was very late that I was reluctant to go home.

  I was suddenly awakened by several loud noise, the original 12, everywhere is the "beep beep beep Baba" firecrackers, the sky is reflected in the blood red. Listening to "firecrackers Lullaby", I gradually entered the sweet dreamland.

  I'm really excited about that today, because I'm a year older.









  New year! New year! The new year is coming. Do you know what to eat for the Spring Festival? By the way! To eat dumplings and eat dumplings is one of the customs of the new year.

  New year's Eve thirty, our family came to grandma's house, when the mother said: "this year's new year, let's eat dumplings."!" Everybody agreed. Our family moved out, Dad 黑龙江较好的癫痫病医院pressed, grandma, mother, aunt, dumplings, mother said to me: "you also make dumplings."!" I said, "well, I'm trying to learn how to make dumplings!" Then, I picked up a piece of dumpling, like all put a chunk of depression, hard pinch, depression like a baby son jumped out, at this time, my mother said to me: "I'll teach you!" I nodded, looked carefully at her mother's movements, and so on, my mother finished, I did, I am very nervous, according to the mother's appearance, I finally wrapped up a semicircle of dumplings, my heart opened flowers, heart than eating honey is sweet. Then the mother suggested, "let's wrap up a dumpling and wrap a coin inside it to see who's lucky."." Everyone agreed. Wrapped up dumplings, grandma went down the dumplings, and after a while, dumplings cooked, mother gave me a bowl, eating dumplings wrapped in their own hearts, do not mention how happy.

  Dumplings must be eaten during the Spring Festival, because dumplings represent reunion, and making dumplings is both enjoyable and meaningful!